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This section will provide documents,tips/tricks and links which will be useful for New Linux Users, (LAMP) Application Developers, System Programmers and Hackers, So watch out this space.Coming soon ,Docs on LVM,gprof and GTK+

giis User Guide

giis user guide
giis mysql database recovery
User Guide

What happens when you delete a file - OpenOffice Impress : PDF Format

How to recover deleted file from ext3 journal
Basics of debugfs command


To create these ppt's, I have stolen some pages from google,
Basics of Shell Programming(ppt)


Frequently used Linux Commands(ppt)

Interesting Linux Commands /Tricks

Programmers Docs

Kick Start with ext3/ext2 file system
Overview and Implementation of giis (part-1)
Overview and Implementation of giis (part-2)
ReiserFS Basics(pdf)-Part1

EXT2FS Library Documentation

Ext3 Vs ReiserFS

btrfs file system internals layout

ext2 internal file system layout

ext4 file system internals/layout

Zfs internal file system layout

Executable file format layout

Configuration,Compilation and Installation of Linux Kernel
How to create you own C library
Understanding C programming steps
Convertion/Migrating from ext3/ext4 to btrfs and roll back

Simple C program which shows functions with O(1) , O(log n), O(n)

Linux Kernel File system API
System Administrator Docs

Configuration Of Sendmail Server

How to Create and Manage Xen Virtual Machine using openQRM

Introduction to the Open Source Xen Hypervisor

LVM setup in Linux

Fun With Linux

How To Install Linux On Pen Drive

For Humans

WHO guidelines for prevention and care of A(H1N1)
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