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How to Install Linux On Pen Drive

You can create new files in your USB drive On your favorite Linux Distro's and take it anywhere and just "plug and play" with your Linux. :)

Creating Bootable Linux On Pen Drive
I have download Slax for USB (slax-6.1.1.tar file) from slax
First Formatted the 2GB (Kingston) pen drive as ext3 file system.

[root@localhost slax]# mke2fs -j /dev/sdb1

Then mount the pendrive under /mnt directory.

[root@localhost slax]# mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/

Then copied the downloaded slax-6.1.1.tar file into /mnt and decompress the file.

[root@localhost slax]# cp slax-6.1.1.tar /mnt/
[root@localhost mnt]# tar -xvf slax-6.1.1.tar

After decompressing then just remove the tar file

[root@localhost mnt]# rm slax-6.1.1.tar

Then to install bootloader run the following script,

[root@localhost mnt]# sh boot/liloinst.sh

That's it reboot the system and press F12 to set the boot device as USB.
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