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Update Feb-2016: BtrFS looks interesting so here's my first patch to fetch csum of given file.

Update : Fedora-18 repo includes 'giis' :) package, simply perform 'yum install giis'
Download expirer -Release date:Dec 27 2013: expirer 0.1
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Dec 17 2013: giis-ext4 1.3
Download extcarve -Release date:Aug 11 2013: extcarve 1.4
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Aug 10 2013: giis-ext4 1.2
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Feb 14 2013: giis-ext4 1.1
Download giis (for ext3) -Release date:Nov 08 2012: giis 4.6.2
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Nov 06 2012: giis-ext4 1.0
Download giis -Release date:Mar 25 2012: giis 4.6.1
Download extcarve -Release date:Nov 12 2011: extcarve 1.3
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Nov 11 2011: giis-ext4 0.9
Download extcarve - Release date:Oct 12 2011: extcarve 1.2

Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Oct 05 2011: giis-ext4 0.8
Download extcarve - Release date:Jul 24 2011: extcarve 1.1

Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Jul 16 2011: giis-ext4 0.7
Download extcarve - Release date:Jul 16 2011: extcarve 1.0

Download extcarve - Release date:Jul 10 2011: extcarve 0.7
Download extcarve - Release date:Jul 02 2011: extcarve 0.6
Download extcarve - Release date:Jun 26 2011: extcarve 0.5
Download extcarve - Release date:Jun 20 2011: extcarve 0.4
Download extcarve - Release date:Jun 10 2011: extcarve 0.3
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Mar 08 2011: giis-ext4 0.6
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Jan 30 2011: giis-ext4 0.5
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Aug 04 2010: giis-ext4 0.4
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:May 04 2010: giis-ext4 0.3
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Apr 08 2010: giis-ext4 0.2
Download giis for ext4 -Release date:Feb 11 2010: giis-ext4 0.1

Note: giis supports ext2/ext3 and giis-ext4 supports ext4fs only. GUI (giis-gui) is available for ext3 not for ext4.

GUI for giis - Download Latest Version -Release date:September 1st 2009: giis_4.7(alias giis-gui-0.2.tar)
Download giis-4.6 released on 2009-09-02 giis-4.6
Download giis-4.5 released on 2009-06-08 giis-4.5
Download giis-4.4 released on 2009-03-16 giis-4.4
Download giis-4.3 released on 2008-09-29 giis-4.3
Download giis-4.2 released on 2008-02-04 giis-4.2
Download giis-4.1-binary released on 2007-05-02
Download giis-4.1 released on 2007-04-08 giis-4.1
Download giis-4 released on 2007-01-01 giis-4
Download giis-3 released on 2006-12-10 giis-3
Download giis-2.1 uploaded on 2006-06-25 (sourceforge) giis-2.1
Download giis-2 uploaded on 2006-06-25(sourceforge) giis-2
Download giis-1 uploaded on 2006-06-25(sourceforge) giis-1

giis rpms
Suse/OpenSuse RPMS can download from below links:
giis-4.6 rpm
giis-gui-0.2 rpm
giis-ext4 rpm

Thanks Note
I would also thank Elija from thefifthcontinent for alpha testing giis-ext4.
I really thank Toni Graffy, for packaging giis tools for Suse/OpenSuse with appropriate patches and changes.
A Book (especially source codes and examples) by Andrew Krause's "Foundations of GTK+ Development" helped me lot. And a C/GTK+ project which helped me to start Christian Siewert's isprime
Thank you all !!!

Older Versions :

Release Date:June 21st 2009 (For Fedora/Debian/Mandriva) giis_4.6
Above file giis4.6 should work fine for other distro like ubuntu with ext3fs.Any issues please report on below user group.:)
If you are not so keen in using command line,then here comes GUI. "giis-gui" must be used along with above giis tool.It's more like wrapper for above giis binary.(Recommeded to try giis-4.7 that comes with gui than giis-gui-0.1)giis-gui 0.1
Also note UI is at it's initial stage ,so it might miss couple of features(while command line provides those features.) But they will included in upcoming UI versions ;)
Release Date:May 31st 2009 giis_4.5
For Fedora/Ubuntu/Mandriva Community giis_4.4
For Debian Community giis_4.4

Alternate Download Link (upto giis4.3) Sourceforge.net

Freshmeat HomePage : Freshmeat.net

giis 4.4 Test Results:
====== ====== === ============ ===========
distro Kernel gcc Installed? Recovered?
====== ====== === ============ ===========
Fedora 7 4.1.2 Yes Yes
Ubuntu 8.10 2.6.27-7 4.3.2 Yes Yes
Mandriva 2009 2.6.27 4.3.2 Yes Yes
Debian Lenny 2.6.26-1 4.3 Yes Yes

Please post your comments/feedback or any issue on giis here

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